9 October 2020

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October 2020

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Here at Chadsmoor Federation we want to focus on encouraging our pupils to eat healthily.

No matter who we are, a healthy, balanced diet makes us feel good and it gives us the energy to go about our day to day activities and helps us both physically and mentally to function better as a result from eating better.

When we are unwell eating the right foods play an essential part to our recovery. Especially for our pupils this helps stabilize their energy and improve their minds, resulting in an improved lifestyle in and outside of school.

It is so important to focus on healthy eating in school as having a poor diet contributes directly to obesity, and can affect pupil’s behaviour and their ability to learn.

The Eatwell Guide divides the foods we eat and drink into 5 main food groups:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Protein
  3. Dairy products
  4. Fruit and vegetables
  5. Fats and sugars

This guide encourages people to try to choose different variety of foods in each groups which ensures a range of nutrients to be healthy.









The above link to the NHS healthy eating guide is very useful as it describes pupils do not need to achieve this balance with every meal or within a day but explains this can be achievable over the period of a week, as eating healthily is all about the balance across the different food groups and making sure not to over or under eat.

What we can do to help:

One of the ways within school we concentrate on healthy eating is with our Packed Lunch Policy 2020 which we send out on a regular basis to help make sure that every child is eating a balanced diet within school. As we know this is so important to follow as the pupils are meeting their nutritional needs leading to a better learning environment.

Many parents have expressed that they are struggling with ideas on what their child can have for their lunch at school, whilst maintaining a balanced diet.

Therefore, we will be creating a special Healthy Eating Blog on our federation school website where regular posts will be uploaded including ideas on quick and easy meal preparation for school lunches, a variety of healthy eating recipes for everyone and lots of fun filled photos of recipes and our pupils creating their own lunches.

We want to encourage fun family involvement into making, creating and baking at home whilst ensuring healthy eating at school. Our pupils can make these recipes and snacks and bring them in to school for their lunches, benefitting to a healthier lifestyle. 

Please send in any recipes, ideas and photos which can be uploaded onto our website, to help give others inspirations and thoughts about what we can all make.

We cannot wait to see what our pupils will be making and we look forward to sharing this with our Chadsmoor Federation community.

Posted by Miss Edmunds