We are always prepared for the possibility of snow disruption during the winter and poor weather conditions. Our key objective during the worst weather conditions is to open school on a site that is safe and adequately staffed. When we experience ice or snow our first priority is to assess whether we can make the site safe enough for children and adults.

When there is a possibility that school may not be able to open we will assess the following criteria:

• Can the site be made safe?

• Will we have sufficient staff to meet safe and appropriate adult:child ratios and first aid requirements?

• What is the weather forecast saying about the duration and amount of snow for the area during the rest of the day?

• Can we provide meals at lunchtime?

When we are confident we have an adequate number of staff and accessibility to school is safe, we will open. It may be a good idea when you know snow is forecast that you have a backup plan just in case school has to close or send pupils home early. Also make sure school have up to date contact details for you and consider signing up to Staffordshire County Council’s update service for school closures.

In the case of closure we will use the following methods to inform parents/carers:

1) A message will be put on Class Dojo - Check the app before making your journey to school. 

2) We will send out a text. (This will only go to the main contact on school record systems)  as soon as the Executive Headteacher and Chair of Governors have made the decision. Site staff will endeavour to arrive on site by 7.30 am so conditions can be assessed. (It is important that we have up to date contact details for you)

3) The Staffordshire County Council, school closure webpage will also be updated with the latest news across the area. Staffordshire County Council offer an update service about school closures that you can sign up for. 

3) Local radio stations will broadcast (and add to their website) a list of schools that are closed or partially closed. They will do this very quickly; this is the best way to check whether we are closed. Listen to HeartFM 100.7

5) Website: where possible, we will add messages to the home page of our website updating everyone.

Please DO NOT call school to check if we are closed; instead, use the methods outlined above. With limited lines available, your mobile phone, local radio stations and the school's website and Staffordshire County Council’s website should be the first place to check. Phone lines will be needed to check on staff's availability so that a decision can be made as quickly as possible. We may decide to have a staggered opening with pupils being allowed to arrive at anytime up to 10.00am. This allows those from further afield to travel to school safely and spreads the flow of traffic in and around the school site. Information will be given as indicated above.

We will always try to make a decision as early as possible if we have to close however weather conditions can change very quickly.


Accessing the school site.

In the first instance we will clear pathways to the pupil entrances. We will inform you by text of any changes to drop off and pick up procedures. Kingsway and Burns Street as well as other routes surrounding school are not priority gritting areas by Staffordshire County Council. Due to the layout and elevation of these routes they can become very slippery during snow and extremely cold temperatures. Please take extra caution using these routes and DO NOT use the school entrance or car park to drop off pupils.