12 November 2021

Image of Illnesses

We wanted to share the information included in the picture with you all, as we know it can be difficult to know when it is ok to send your child to school should they not be feeling 100%.

If you are ever unsure please do get in touch with school via phoning the school office -
Infant School 01543 570718
Junior School - 01543 227200

Please also use the above numbers to advise school regarding your child's absence, should they be too poorly to attend that day.                                 

 If contact can be made by 9am on the morning of absence please.

Please DO NOT message class teachers (regarding absence) via Class Dojo as these are often missed during the school day due to the teachers either preparing for the day ahead or actually teaching the class.

We do ask that if children are suffering from Conjunctivitis or Head lice that they are treated prior to coming to school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks