At Chadsmoor Federation values are very important to us and an integral part of how we all work.

We particularly focus on our Chadsmoor slogan, as a guide and reminder of what we are as a school.




As part of encouraging children to develop these values, we use a program called Class Dojo.

This is where children can earn green dojo points for actions of positive behaviour. This is simply set up by your email address where you, and your child if you wish, will be provided with an account where you can see your child’s achievements and access important news and information.

In addition to using Dojo to praise the children there are also red dojo points, which are introduced as consequences if rules are broken.  However these are given as a last resort, following a number of reminders and warnings. This allows children to understand rules which should not be broken, and an incentive to strive for the most green Dojo's rather then red. 

Class dojo is used frequently by all staff, children and parents, it allows a closer connection where everyone stays in the loop of upcoming activities and progress with an increased positive communication.