SAT Testing

SATs are statutory assessments carried out by all state schools. SATs testing takes place at Key Stage 2 (KS2), when your child will take part in National Curriculum tests in Reading , Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar at the end of Year 6 (usually age 11). Writing is teacher assessed using an assessment framework.


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Key Stage 2 Results 2022 (School Data) National Results

(No National Data for 20/21 due to National Lockdown)  


% pupils meeting the expected standard compared to schools nationally. To meet the expected standard pupils must gain a scaled score of at least 100.

  Reading Writing Spelling Punctuation
and Grammar
Maths Reading Writing
and Maths combined
Chadsmoor 71% 64% 80% 75% 54%
National 74% 69% 72% 71% 59%

The average scaled score in each subject

  Reading Maths Spelling Punctuation and Grammar
Chadsmoor 104.5 104 105.1
National 104.4 105 106.3